Charlie Lawrie

Business Administration Apprentice

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship at DHL?

I wanted more experience in an office environment and more knowledge of business and administration.

Tell us about your experience so far

Since December 1st when I joined the apprenticeship, I have assisted in interviews and feedback sessions. I have supported my line manager with organising an event for DHL long service colleagues. I regularly book trains, flights and hotels for the leadership team. Once a month I fill out a matrix for a recognition award scheme that we do.

If you could tell a friend/colleague about what’s it’s like to be an apprentice in DHL (in one sentence) what would you say?

The apprenticeship progamme run at DHL is very rewarding, everyone is so friendly and I am very comfortable in the job.

What are the benefits of the apprenticeship programme?

Firstly Earning whilst I’m Learning. Secondly, I am working towards an NVQ whilst doing what I love and earning a good amount of money.

What do you enjoy about the apprenticeship programme?

The job and the people.

What are your top tips for others looking to apply for an apprenticeship programme at DHL?

It is a Life changing experience, work hard and enjoy the outcome.